Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Late Night Skincare Lust List & Ramble

Skincare Lusting
Just a few skincare bits I have my eye on lately.
Been searching for the Hydraluron serum for what seems like ages now in the States and no luck. Heard a rumor that it is being introduced to Walgreens soonish though? Only time will tell I suppose. It's been getting (finally) sunnier in my area, so SPF is even more important than usual. I think the SPF 15 I usually wear will not cut it in the summer months, so I am contemplating this La Roche Posay offering, which provides not only SPF 50 but a tint as well. Even out my skintone and protect me from the sun's rays? What more could you want?
Another LRP product is their SeroZinc spray which apparently incorporates active ingredients of zinc and sulfur to hydrate the skin and prevent breakouts. I suffer from acne-prone dry/combination skin, so I am always on the hunt for products that will treat acne but not dry out my sensitive skin. La Roche Posay is one of my favorite skincare brands (sadly when I lived in Toulouse, France 2008-2009, I wasn't as into skincare as I am these days so I didn't exactly stockpile pharamacie products *curses self*) and although the LRP selection in CVS here is slim, I tend to have decent luck shopping online. It's worth the hassle in my opinion!

Lastly I stuck a Mario Badescu toner in there. As it gets warmer, my skin tends to break out more so I have to exfoliate more frequently, with either a glycolic (AHA) or beta hydroxy (BHA or salicylic acid) product. Chemical exfoliants almost always work better for me than physical ones; grainy scrubs end up irritating my skin more than anything. This toner is of the glycolic variety, and seems like it could work well for me. Something about MB products turn me off though...example a: why does this toner have to be blue? Dyes are so unnecessary in skincare, if not harmful. Will never understand that...

I haven't addressed it much on the blog yet (because I suck at posting basically...) however I grew up with pretty terrible skin due to family history (thank you parents) so I am always trying out new skincare ever since I gave up on traditional dermatology. Needless to say, this obsession interest has been brewing for a long time now. I want to post more comprehensive reviews here - just will take time since skincare takes ~2 months to have a full effect.
*off to wash my face and pass out* Night!

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