Friday, August 17, 2012

"Grown Up" Nails

The other day something unheard of mother approved of my nail polish.

Enter Essie's Sugar Daddy (does the name annoy anyone else but me? oh well).

Even though it might not be worth it since the world may end afterall, 2012 has definitely been the year of nail experimentation pour moi. First discovery was my love of orange-reds, now pale pinks. Pinks?! I've been a strictly purple girl since birth, but for some reason I decided to give one of Essie's numerous sheer pinks a try. Of course, I first did my homework via MUA and learned that unless you have the patience of a saint (I do not), Sugar Daddy is better match than the likes of Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle. Pains me as those names are more up my alley, but I love the effect of this one. Three coats and it delivers a glossy, pinky natural nail. A "your nails but better", if you will. 

Hence this post's title, both my mom and I deemed this polish quite "grown up". So if you're on the hunt for a shade suitable for an interview, the office, or just as neutral as it gets, I highly recommend Sugar Daddy (again, the name though...need to get past that).

What are your favorite sheer pinks or nudes? I feel an obsession coming on...


Monday, August 6, 2012

A Simple Summer Face

Despite my complaints, mother nature has continued to gift us yet another heatwave this summer. This naturally ties into my makeup, and I've opted for lighter bases, a touch of blush, and focus on the lashes. That luminosity you see...that's all natural. It's summer, I doubt I'm alone!

Garnier Roller Ball
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW20
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Real Sand
MAC Melba

MAC Quarry e/s to line
L'oreal False Fiber Lashes (waterproof)

MAC Cremecup

Are you into minimal makeup lately? 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dreaming of Neutrals

Allow me to introduce what I am lusting over for fall 2012. I gave summer a stitch effort...currently even have a semi-bright polish on at the moment. But my roots are clearly neutral and every year I love them even more.

What are you lemming for this A/W season? x