Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy Day = Little in the Way of Productivity..

Say hello to my sick-and-tired-of-rain face...very attractive. It's been pouring nearly all day here in the good ol Northeast so I decided to just do a little update post. The lighting is too poor to post any reviews! I think 90% of my Photobooth pics are of my smirking self...mm embarrassing indeed.

-Today I'm wearing a rose gold choker from H&M, as pictured above. I've really been into this metal trend in 2012...I also own the plain silver H&M one that is more rounded than this one (great description Linds). Choker/collar style necklaces are so versatile...I just throw one on and my neutral outfits end up looking like I put more effort in than I actually did (ie. none).

-Yesterday my best friend who was studying abroad in Manchester got home! It was great to catch up and hear about her travels. She kindly brought me back some British things, including a No. 7 product and one of those Keep Calm posters...that phrase has been heavily overused on this side of the Atlantic (every bar tour t-shirt: Keep Calm & Party On) but I can now say I have a bonafide British one.

-Lastly, I have been applying for internships like a mad woman the past few weeks. Never in my life would I think I'd be vying so heavily for an unpaid job...! Due to an insane workload this past semester, I didn't have a ton of time to apply to many, so I am struggling now but hopefully something will turn up! If not I have some options for the fall & then there's next summer but I hope it doesn't come down to that. If you're like me and looking for editorial/PR/publishing internships in the US, I'll list some sites below that have aided my search. As for me, the search continues on...what I'd give to be a trust fund baby...

That's it for now! Tomorrow night I'm going to see Radiohead with my boyfriend (so.damn.excited) so I'm going to coerce ask him to snap some OOTN pics for moi...we'll see how that goes.

x Linds


  1. Your lips look amazing, I'd love to know your secret haha x

  2. The weather is so bad its not even funny anymore! Love your gold necklace x