Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lust List #1

I thought I'd start a mega original series depicting current things/trends I'm lusting after...the Internet really takes window shopping to a whole new level. What a great world we live in.

1. Red-Orange nail polish.

Enter Essie Geranium, pictured below. I've been told that Fifth Avenue is another great shade. I've seen both next to each other in person and could not tell the difference though. Either way, I went through a good 19 years hating red nail polish, but after discovering reddy-orange shades, I've become a satisfied convert. Oh, and I'm 20.
   [Image Source]
2. These Zara heels every fashion blogger seems to own. 

Ok, if I am being perfectly honest with myself, I am lusting after nearly all of Zara's stock at the moment. I largely blame the British YouTubers I watch (see: Vivianna) for showcasing their amazing finds this season! Seriously though, Zara has impressed me in 2012. Fast international shipping too! Always a plus. Being on the taller end of the spectrum (I'm 5ft7), I can't see myself actually wearing these, however one day I will grow up and embrace my stature dans talons!
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3. Floral blouses (this one is from HM). 

Loving these types of shirts for summer! Which is quite strange because I definitely lean towards more of a neutral, even utilitarian style overall...hmm describing your own style is not easy. I plan on doing OOTD's on here, so hopefully pictures will speak louder! Let's hope I am good and don't show my typical black on grey, grey on black self.

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4. Above Knuckle Rings. 

Trend-wise, I'm late on this one but I've been eyeing these silver rings from Fashionology for almost a year now! Need to bite the bullet and order a couple, even though I think they're slightly overpriced. The quality seems lovely however; my dozens of tarnished Forever 21 rings are hanging their heads in shame tsk tsk.

That's all for now! Let me know if you enjoy the Lust List concept...I'd love to hear what you're lusting after at the moment x

xx Linds


  1. Love those Zara shoes! Think I would be scared of those rings, incase it fell off, pretty though! xxx

    1. That's a good point! You'd have to choose the right sizing! Always losing rings nonetheless :( xx