Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back with a Small Collective Makeup Haul!

Long time, no post! I'm starting a bad blogger habit, aren't I? Although I may not have any readership to refer to, I am mad at myself for being a procrastinator! I thought I would blog about a few makeup bits I've picked up over the past few weeks.

First up is the smallest MAC haul anyone has probably ever blogged about...I am the type of shopper where I buy things here and there.

L: MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush  R: MAC Espresso
My favorite blush by MAC, probably of all time, is Melba. A matte peachy-pink, I love Melba because it doesn't impart any unwanted shimmer or emphasis my pores. Blushes that add that type of dimension to the face are amongst my favorites. However, I have tried out some lovely shimmery blushes this year, and have been wanting Warm Soul mineralize blush for what seems like forever. I have to give it to this blush...it imparts a "glow" that looks especially beautiful when I have a bit of a tan.

I also picked up Espresso, a matte medium brown (so thrilling). Currently am trying to fill the gaps in my neutral palette...this is a must-have that I was missing.

Complimentary awkward swatches
Thanks to G. over at Nouveau Cheap, I was pleased to hear that CVS was having a big clearance makeup sale. Today I popped in to check it out, and came out with three items, all 50% off! Not too shabby indeed.

Top: Maybelline Age Rewind Protector Finishing Powder in Nude
Bottom: L'Oreal HIP Studio Secrets Color Chrome Eyeliners in Black Shock & Violet
Biggest makeup complaint: overly long product names. See above. Do they really need to crame that much marketing onto one thin pencil?

Advertising aside, these eyeliners are creamy and quite pigmented, the black more so than the purple but both still great. They also set quickly on me, which is a must because I mostly use eyeliner to line my upper waterline and/or line my lid.

The powder I picked up because A) It was 50% off...duh B) MakeupbyTiffanyD recently raved about this powder in her Drugstore Favorites video C) Tiffany's advice = the unofficial makeup gospel...I'm a fan. I picked this up in Nude, the second lightest shade available. I am around NW20-25 for reference! It may take me some time to try this out as I have been having a love affair with my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder...maybe I will take us public with a review? Bonne idee je pense.

C'est fini! Short, sweet, yet rambley. I have clearly have blogging skills. Hope everyone is enjoying summer so far!

xx Linds


  1. I keep hearing really positive reviews of warm soul (and melba), but I'm the opposite of you and love a dewy finish, so I just wish these had the option of a cream formula too.

    Completely agree about long unnecessary product names by the way! x


    1. Dewy finish can look great (esp in summer), I agree! I own MAC Ladyblush cremeblend blush and I love it! Lasts quite a longtime too! It doesn't contain any shimmer like Melba.