Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making MAC Woodwinked Work in Winter

Happy 2013 blogging world! With school and the holidays, I've gone on a blogging hiatus however I decided that one of my New Years resolutions (sick and tired of that 3 word phrase yet?) will be to write, write, write. I need to not get so caught up in schoolwork and expend some creative energy here. But that is another post in it of itself...

Today, I wanted to share a tip I have regarding brassy, gold eye eyeshadow. The quintessential example in my book is MAC's Woodwinked.

Woodwinked bottom front
When I first bought Woodwinked, I anticipated what I saw in the pan/swatch. A lovely, highly pigmented gold with bronze undertones. However, I soon realized that it has a tendency to veer orange on my eyes, especially now in winter when I am quite pale (NW/NC 20). With the holidays and gold eye makeup on trend, I wanted to join the party. I have always loved wearing gold on my eyes, but this brassy, orange look was not flattering. The stubbornness in me decided that I must make this shade work.

My solution? Mixing Woodwinked with Patina (one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time, if you're curious). It is pictured above Woodwinked in the palette shot, and it is a more of an antique, lighter gold color with some taupe mixed in. It is complex, flattering, and I love it on its own. Now I adore it mixed with Woodwinked to give me a nice and noticeably gold eye.

Wearing Woodwinked + Patina with some brown in outer corner
This is pretty much the look I did for New Years Eve as well. The only difference is I added a little glitter on top to jazz it up...a rarity for boring, neutral me!

So there is my little tip for dealing with beautiful shades like Woodwinked that don't seem to mesh well with paler skin in the wintertime. You can apply this to any shadow you may have that has this problem - just try mixing it with its lighter, more non-offensive cousin shade like Patina in this gold shadow case study.

I hope you had a nice holiday and New Years! I hope to comply my 2013 goals/resolutions sometime tomorrow. They will not be strictly beauty-related I think. Thanks for reading x


  1. I just love Patina so I think I will check Woodwinked out. Plus it's a really popular shade x

  2. I think you'd like it Coco...especially since your skin is warmer than mine! Definitely is really pretty in the summer on tanned skin too. Happy to hear you love Patina as well x

  3. Woodwinked is one of my favourites! Looks lovely mixed with Patina! xxx

  4. Woodwinked always works. It is such a lovely colour :)

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  5. i love woodwinked!! fortunately, it doesn't turn orange on me but i always pair it with naked or bucked (from urban decay naked palette).

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  6. Maybe I'll try out that combination! Thanks for reading xx

  7. oohh i must try woodwinked! such a pretty colour

  8. It's definitely a cult favorite! Thanks for reading x