Monday, January 21, 2013

Blogging Resolutions for 2013

Ah, another 2013 resolutions post. Mine is clearly overdue, and it's more for my own utility than others, however feel free to pull some inspiration or offer some of your own tips.

When paring down my list of resolutions, I realized that a lot of residual goals from the previous year carry over into the new year, such as eating healthier, drinking more water, etc. For this post, I want to focus more on the blogging front, as I have not applied myself as well as I had envisioned in 2012. Excuses like not having enough time and schoolwork become redundant, and I hope this year brings newfound accountability for myself.

A few goals in no particular order...

1. Post at least 3 times per week

This one won't be easy, but I have a lot of post ideas floating around in my head, and they should be executed. I truly enjoy writing/blogging, and mental health is just as important as its physical counterpoint. In other words, making time for something you enjoy should rank high on your list.

2. Acquire a sharper blog focus

If there's anything anyone should know about me, it's that my interests stretch across a vast gamut. I want to represent this in the blog, and not limit myself to beauty/fashion posts. Variety is the spice of life, n'est-ce pas?

3. New blog template

While I currently enjoy the simplicity of my layout, I am contemplating a different template. My small knowledge of html (circa Xanga years) likely won't be sufficient enough, so I hope to learn more about web design in 2013.

So those are my 2013 blogging goals! I usually shy away from resolutions, but I found myself gravitating towards others' posts this year. I hope you enjoyed reading; let me know some of your goals for this year, I'd love to know x


  1. good luck on your goals :) I know it's hard to blog frequently, like it's sounds easy but it's not! xx

  2. Very true! Motivation is key xx

    1. Lol, you really do agree with yourself i can see haha

  3. Good luck with your goals!
    Hope youll stick to them!