Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Winter Base: Skin79 Super + VIP Gold BB Cream

Ah the wintertime foundation debacle. Every year I try to find a base that a) is moisturizing b) has just enough (light to medium) coverage and c) actually matches my skin at its lightest. Fortunately last year, I found something that ticked all 3 needs.

I would categorize 2012 as the year of the BB cream in the US; they exploded over American markets. The only "American" BB cream I have tried is the Garnier one...and I hated it. It was greasy and made my skin look orange. I realized that if I wanted to try this BB cream craze, I'd have to get the real deal.
After some extensive research, I decided to try out the Skin 79 line. They are hugely popular in Asia, as well as in the States with some bloggers/vloggers. This VIP Gold variety is supposed to for drier, 
mature (hate that term) skin types. I have dry, combination acne-prone sensitive skin for reference.

As you can tell, this BB cream does a good job at covering redness and evening skin tone. I still need concealer to cover blemishes. Currently I am about a NW/NC 20 in MAC terms, and this matches me quite well. Like most Asian BB creams, it comes out grey tinted, but don't be afraid - it oxidizes on your skin after about 5 minutes to match. Unfortunately I don't think anyone NW/NC 30 or darker could make this BB cream work. It leaves a satin/dewy finish, which I love however it could not work for oily skin types (in this case, I know Skin 79 does another version in a pink container better suited for that). I love this base for low key days, which are most of mine as I am a student. It contains SPF 25 and has flashback, so I would not recommend it for photography. I usually wear a higher coverage foundation for those occasions anyway so this doesn't bother me. SPF in makeup is great, but not a vital component to me as SPF wears off after a few hours and must be reapplied (which I never do with makeup). In regards to longevity, I find it pretty long lasting at ~8 hours. After that point, it begins to look patchy. As my skin is drier in winter, I do not set it with powder however I have tried and it looks fine but has little effect on its longevity.

+ build able coverage (light to medium)
+ satin/dewy finish
+ is moisturizing
+ good match for paler skin tones
+ blends in easily
+ SPF 25
+ lasts ~8 hours

+ only one shade/won't work for medium to dark skin tones
+ may not work for oiler skin types

Final Verdict
Overall, I really love this BB cream. It works really well for my skin in the winter, and is perfect for lower coverage days. I bought mine for $15 USD from a reputable Amazon seller, Pink Gelee. Fast & free shipping plus free samples...I read a lot of reviews before buying and am happy to say I echo the great service. However you can find Asian BB creams like Skin79's offerings at Pretty & Cute as well.

Do you own any BB creams? I want to try the Dr. Jart ones next I think.I feel myself transforming from  a foundation junkie turned BB cream addict...


  1. This looks amazing on your skin! The way you describe your skin (dry, combo, acne prone) sounds a lot like mine. I've also been trying the American "BB Creams" (which are really just tinted moisturizers, in my opinion) but I think I also need to take the plunge and try the real thing. I'm also glad to hear that it doesn't give the skin a gray cast. Thanks so much for the review!

  2. Glad you enjoyed reading! You should definitely try one out, especially if you have my skin type! :)

  3. OMG what a great review, your skin looks so dewy!! I think I may have to try that one! the one I have at the moment is in a pink long bottle, but I am wanting to try some of the others :))

    1. Thanks! It is a great formula, you should give it a go when you're done with the one you own now x

  4. Thank you! You should try it out once you finish your current one :) xx

  5. I really want to try an asian bb cream! This one looks great - I may have to pick it up before my skin gets a bit darker over spring break!

  6. You should! My break starts this Friday...cannot wait!

  7. I wish my skin was cooperating enough to use my No 7 BB cream! I have a group of 3 spots on one cheek and they won't go away, it's annoying me so much! I am a new follower :D - Would love for you to check my blog out when you have a minute x

  8. Ah hope another BB cream might work out better for you xx will check it out :)